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Key Features of an ESA Letter | 2021 Guide 
Emotional Support Animals or ESAs are the ones that are used in the treatment of mental health issues. These issues can range from stress and anxiety to PTSD, MDD, Depression, and several types of phobias. You can keep a pet at your home and use weimaraner as a support animal but if you want to officially make it an Emotional Support Animal, you need a letter signed by a licensed mental health professional.
An Emotional Support Animal Letter does not only get you an animal to give you emotional support and companionship but also provides a lot of benefits. Some of the prominent features of an ESA letter have been listed below:
Professional look and format
The first and foremost feature of an ESA letter is that it has a rat terrier professional look. It has a professional format and you can immediately tell that it has been issued by a licensed and experienced professional. It is written on a professional letterhead and clearly indicates the name of the professional. Only a glance at such a letter will tell you that it is a genuine letter, not one of those fake ones circulating in the market. 
Genuine Signature and Stamp of the Medical Professional
  Another feature of an ESA letter is that it contains the signature and stamp of a Licensed Medical Health Practitioner (LMHP). As mentioned already, the letter is issued on a professional letterhead. It also bears the valid state license number and stamp of the practitioner, along with the signatures of the medical professional. This is a proof of the genuity of the letter and you can trust such letters completely. 
Expiration Date
Everything has an expiry date; same is the case with the ESA letter as well. It is clearly mentioned on all the legitimate  munchkin cat   Emotional Support Animal Letters that “this letter is valid from (current date or issuing date) till (a later date)”. The validity period ranges according to the nature of your emotional disorder and how the therapist deems it appropriate. Most of the time, it ranges from one to two years. After that, you will have to visit you therapist once again and consult whether you need to keep the ESA further. If your therapist recommends it, you need to get the letter renewed. 
Communication Details
Another feature of a genuine ESA letter is that it contains complete communication details of the issuing authority i.e. the LMHP, so that anyone can verify the details and genuity of the letter. 
This is not all. An ESA letter has numerous other benefits that help the british shorthair ESA owners on a regular basis.
The above-mentioned features are only the most prominent ones or the key features that an ESA letter carries.
As mentioned earlier, you need to get an ESA letter from a recognized and licensed mental health professional, however, you can find a Free Emotional Support Animal Letter sample online as well. You can easily get such samples from the internet or by visiting a therapist near you.
There are a number of credible websites that can provide you a sample letter and get you a legitimate ESA letter from credible medical practitioners for a very reasonable fee. This will save you from the hassle of getting an appointment, traveling miles to your allocated mental health center, and paying thousands in consultancy hypoallergenic cats fees. 
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