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How Colors Can Influence Branding

Colors have an impressive voice. They speak a language that gives an identity to your brand. Certain color trends are accepted with a  software company https://jatapp.com/ that helps make it unique. People recognize a brand with its uniqueness. Pablo Picasso had said: Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. And, we don’t deny that!
Should we assume that brands breathe with the help of colors? Yes, they do. How significant colors are to brands and their reputation, we will try to find out in this post.Brands are Not Black & WhiteWhen consumers choose to be with you, this means they recognize your brand. This is when brands need to be unique and distinct in how they appear.Brands can keep simple but colors make them distinct, easily recognizable. When a brand (with its unique identity) comes to participate in a social milieu, it becomes the next big thing.
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Brand Persona
Brand persona means making your brand more memorable. Give your brand a personality that suits it. Colors play a major role in creating a brand persona and making it identifiable. Brand persona helps potential customers to relate with your brand easily and for a long time.Brands + Colors = Brand Activation
The Power of Shapes & ColorsBoth shapes and colors are important in defining a brand. Most successful brands have taken up their logo shapes in harmony with the colors. A triangle, a circle or a square are some of the basic geometric shapes used in logos. Let us take Coca-Cola for an example. In a cursive handwriting, the logo appears in red color. The familiar typeface in red makes the logo distinct and easily recognizable.
The Influence of Colors 
The human mind of a toddler is capable of recognizing colors first even before objects or letters are identified. Kids can be easily seen with their fingers, putting on different color dresses they want to wear. This is because they can recognize it only by its color.Association between Brands & ColorsSusan G. Komen is one of the largest cancer organizations in the United States. Its logo has a pink color ribbon, resembling a runner in motion with a promise to end breast cancer. The whole website appears striking in pink color, including link buttons in pink too.
A color – being unique to a brand – helps in branding. Let’s now know some exciting aspects of associating a brand with color.
•    The power of a color is to attract instant attention to a brand.•    Colors help in brand recognition. White is unique to Apple.•    Colors boost memory and help mind to process brand images better.Colors & Visual ExperienceA color is not merely red, blue, green, yellow or pink. It is sad that color theory is often neglected. Before a child can speak, it is already easy for him to recognize McDonald’s.
Big brands like Apple, FedEx, Wal-Mart, etc. are talked about for using colors for CTA purpose. Colors have specific expressions which are spontaneous to convert it into a visual experience for software developers company here. Colors help in making an impression and increase participation of the viewers.
Color Selection for Your Brand
What can be the best approach to select the right color for your brand?Whichever color you may decide upon, important is to select a color that enhances your brand. For that purpose, there are many associations you may like to study before selecting one. However, look at the below one.Humans ---- BrainColors have been interesting patterns for humans since the pre-historic era. Our brains assimilate colors through visual senses and respond to them.
Æ, Grapheme, Letter Ae, Ligature, Latin DiphthongThere are criteria based on which you can select the best color for your brand, such as:Market: You should study the ongoing market trends to know about the competition. You can select the color of your brand which no other brand has used, and also using it can make your brand instantly distinctive.Audience: Who’s your audience? Exactly the way you will make your strategic planning, keeping your target audience in mind, similarly the selection of the color for your brand needs to know who your target audience is.Brand Archetype: Knowing your brand archetype helps in color selection for your brand. For example, if your brand archetype is the Caregiver, you should select a color that signifies generosity and full of compassion.The Bottom LineBy now you may have known that the color you select for your brand is not according to cool and creative design trends by ux design agency https://jatapp.com/services/ui-ux-design/. The color you pick up to represent your brand should essentially replicate its persona and support its positioning. There should be easy recognition and call attention, and it should be distinguishable from other brands of the market.
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