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The best wrestling games aren't always the most fun to play. Most often, they're mindless affairs that force you to invest hours into them, if not days. It's frustrating to spend weeks or months playing through an online game before it finally dies down and leaves you as a frustrated loser. But there are more out there, and they're surprisingly enjoyable.

The WWE 2K series by Nintendo is easily the best wrestling games available on the console. That being said, even though it is WWE 2K, there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy other top-selling wrestling games as well. That being said, most people who buy WWE 2K don't necessarily have a serious wrestling experience, so they usually don't expect the same game mechanics or features that hardcore wrestling fans crave. But with a variety of wrestlers available and a few different game modes, there is something for everyone.

A few years back, there was a unique wrestling revolution taking place. The game modes varied wildly, but the biggest difference was the inclusion of "Macho" as a playable character. Some fans fell in love with his style and personality, while others hated his gimmick (he was a big heel). As such, this didn't really translate into successful sales, but it did help make for a very interesting alternative to the traditional WWE game modes. Thankfully, Nintendo has revived the game with the WWE 2K game modes as well as a few unique features that really make this game much more fun.

The story mode in WWE 2K is split up into two main parts. There's the traditional narrative campaign which sees you playing as Roman Reigns, trying to win the world championship and take over the company from Triple H. On the other side of the story are two new characters, Big Show and Braun Strowman, who are given the chance to take the place of the wrestlers that were previously featured. While these wrestlers have their own personalities and features, they aren't quite as famous as those featured in previous WWE games. That being said, they're still a fantastic addition to the game. They're a great way to give more character to the narrative and add some much-needed diversity.

There are also two distinct play styles that can be selected. These are matches that pit two wrestlers against each other in an attempt to knock each other out. The other gameplay consists of sliding, catching, pinning and other similar mechanics. In both these modes, the two available wrestlers have special attributes that make them standout from the rest of the roster, meaning that if you're looking for online WWE gaming options, you should definitely consider this version.

 There aren't many fighting game options that allow you to have two wrestlers who can take on the likes of Batista or Triple H but having Big Show and Braun Strowman is a big boost. The way that this version of WWE 2K takes you into the WWE universe is quite entertaining and fun.

WWE 2K15 puts a lot of the narrative in the past, but it also gives you a good idea of what's in the future. For example, you'll learn that CM Punk has taken over the microphone in a big way, meaning that you need to learn how to deal with him. Fortunately, the Career mode allows you to put on your headphones and learn some of the basics of the game. If you want to jump right into the ring and start competing, there are a number of tutorial missions that will help you gain some experience before you jump into the competition.

Overall, the game is only released October due to the exclusivity deal with Nintendo. If you want to play this game, you need to preorder it at the Nintelegraph website, where it's priced at a hefty 99 cents. The game should reach stores' shelves by the end of November, so be sure to check back for our review. If you love wrestling games, you'll definitely want to pick up this one.

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